Episode 025! TURD Nuggets o’ Wisdom!

Once again, we barely have any topics to discuss, and still manage to blather on for over thirty minutes. Thirty minutes of comedy GOLD, people.  

[Warning: Swearing in front of children.]

Game of Thrones (good):  Uncle Floyd. Ann Bah-Humbug Davis. Windows Phone 7 (really?). Skype totally worth 8 billion bucks. Brady Bunch  repeats. CCH Pounder. Louis C.K. Olivia Munn.

Crown of Thorns (crap): Skype outages. Skin tags. Turd-hu-en. Facebook addicts. Soylent Green vs. Enfamil. Cousin Oliver. TV Networks showing shows out of order.

Which Direction Should I Wipe? (Because it’s important to know.)
One-Man Show (New York Magazine article about Louis C.K.)

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Recorded over Skype using MP3 Skype Recorder.
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