Episode 017! The Taint of Sphincter!

[Warning: Parental Indiscretion is expected.]

Things that enrage: Stuff on the back of cars. Racist, red-neck motherfuckin’ barbers. High school graduation pictures. Colic, the non-disease. Accident scams. Left-hand phone holder freaks.

Things that engage: Balls. Penetration. Child-rearing. Con names. iPhone coming to T-Mobile (ha). Inception. Random sphincter papers.

Truck Nuts
Window Breaker Soccer Ball
Our Family… with Glornak!
Flying Spaghetti Monster Car Emblem
Fake Bullet Holes
Bob Balaban
Great Clips
Parvovirus FAQs
“iPhone is Coming to T-Mobile USA in Q3”
Antenna-Aid for iPhone 4

Music courtesy of RoyaltyFreeMusic.com
Recorded over Skype using MP3 Skype Recorder.
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