Episode 004! Hi Comma Joe Comma!

Facts Are Meaningless, Ep 004: Hi Comma Joe Comma! by Joe And Eric

[Warning: Contains Language.]

Bitch bitch bitch. But at least we kept it short this time, so leave the bitching to us.

This week, we don’t like the following: E-mail salutations. Sloppy set design on Caprica. Invention of Lying.

We do like: Star Trek Online (we think; not that we’re gonna play it.) The return of LOST. Thai food.

Music courtesy of RoyaltyFreeMusic.com
Recorded over Skype using MP3 Skype Recorder.
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Leave a comment, god dammit. But don’t say we suck anymore. I can’t take anymore of Joe’s open weeping.


One thought on “Episode 004! Hi Comma Joe Comma!

  1. It took 6 hours to get through 04 since I had several things happen during this not-so-fun-filled time, like I dropped a spoon and had to pick it up, a tree fell on my house, both our cats passed away (thank God), we had snow, we got mail, fedex delivered, ups delivered, and I had to watch our plants grow.

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