Episode 022! A Patented Disgusting Digression!

[Warning: We swear by swears.]

It’s been almost three months since we put up a podcast, but we’re back…meaner and stupider than ever.

Things we likey: Trying to get on Jeopardy. Shaved Trebek. Non-pushy-religions.

Things we welcome: Our future robot/computer overlords.

Things we hatey: Abusive cults. Rivers of vomited poo. Baby reflux. SEO gaming.

Paul Haggis vs. The Church of Scientology (plus: The New Yorker’s Scientology Article, Lawyer Bits Only) (plus: BoingBoing post)
Computer Contestant Dominates Top Humans In Jeopardy
JC Penney Fires Back at Google and New York Times Over SEO Controversy

And for all our complaining about the market for Watson, it turns out that IBM will work with Nuance to improve Watson to work in healthcare. Imagine that episode of House, MD.

Music courtesy of RoyaltyFreeMusic.com
Recorded over Skype using MP3 Skype Recorder.
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