Facts Are Meaningless! Episode 001!

Two cranky middle aged guys complain about computers, customer service, and geek out about reviews of old movies with the word “star” in the title for 49 minutes.



Consumerist Investigation: Best Buy Optimization Is A Big Stupid Annoying Waste Of Money

This came out after we recorded: Is Best Buy About To Ditch Optimization To Sell Crapware?

RedLetterMedia reviews on YouTube:

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Review
Star Trek: Nemesis Review

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Recorded over Skype.
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3 thoughts on “Facts Are Meaningless! Episode 001!

  1. I now know that facts are meaningless as hell. Eric, you I know and Joe, I am learning to know. Audio, good for Eric but Joe was a little muffled yet understandable. Subject matter, suspect, but you must remember I am OLD!Remember this, I have always been a fan of Eric (special guy) and because Joe is a friend of Eric, I will become a fan as long as I get a plane ticket to, free room and board to his location. This must also be with free drinks, the type that renders me helpless and transportation to all locations of interest in the area. Not for overnight but maybe a month.You guys are complete geeks BUT I think it’s great and even if I don’t understand everything you talk about I will listen to the death. Enjoyed it and continue with 002, just let us all know. All could be three or four but what the hell, life is short so go for it.

  2. Joe, Eric, I work at Best Buy and I am appalled at your comments. Kidding. Best Buy is a joke. Then, you get awesome guys like me working in the computer dept. who could care less if you get an optimization. The opts are crap, I get told every day by my managers that the services are like half of our income. We lose like $40 or something on each computer when we don’t attach services? What a joke haha. Just thought i’d share haha. You guys suck by the way. 🙂

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